October 27 – November 03

with Svagito

learn about the art of spiritual counseling

A training about the essential principles of working with people from a spiritual point of view, with valuable teachings about traumatic experiences and the real meaning of love.

In this approach, the work happens from a space of inner emptiness rather than from a desire to help. When a therapist is centered, unafraid and without intention, he can become a catalytic agent that helps the client to enter a dimension beyond the mind, a space of acceptance, where problems are not solved, but dissolved.

Based on meditative presence and the spiritual understanding of inner growth, this therapeutic line seeks to help people discover something that already exists inside them. It doesn’t aim to offer a solution, but to act as a means so that people can find the answers within themselves.

When people go to therapy, they usually think that they are going to a place to fix something, or that they will ask a question, get an answer and their problems will be solved. 

That, however, is not the spiritual view of inner growth. In a spiritual sense, you change the dimension from the mind to the body. And it isn’t really about fixing, it’s about finding something that is already inside. The answer doesn’t come from the outside, because it already exists within you”.


Svagito Liebermaister

An approach that works with the body and the nervous system, where many life traumas are stored. While the successful resolution of trauma is one of the gateways to higher consciousness, an unresolved trauma keeps us in a repetitive pattern of behavior and fixates us in the past, not allowing us to respond effectively to the present.

Often, this is the reason for difficulties in relationships with other people, whether they are family members, partners or co-workers.

This training will develop skills that can be used to identify and heal past traumas and get out of dysfunctional relationship dynamics. We will explore healthy ways of relating and the difference between reacting to the past and responding from our present state of consciousness.

Covered Topics

Connect therapy to a meditative practice.
Respond to different clients with flexibility.
Estimate what might happen during a session.
Beliefs and conditioning about love.
Recognize and work with projection, resistance and desire.
Communication skills that support self-awareness.
Learn to recognize trauma states and trauma healing principles.
Understand relationship dynamics and the principles of a healthy relationship.
Difference between spontaneous action (presence) and goal-oriented action (desire).
Integrate the energy of trauma so that it becomes part of your strength.

Questions explored during training

What is trauma?
How does it affect us?
What happens in terms of trauma with people?
How to respond effectively to people who have experienced trauma?
What might be helpful and what should be avoided?
How can the body and mind help overcome the effects of trauma? 
How to deal with your own trauma so you can help others?

This is a training for people interested in diving deeply into the question of what it means to work with people. You must be focused on your own inner ability and the space you are in when working with a client. That’s what it takes. It is your own inner growth that will make you able at some point to also help another person and their inner growth”.

Svagito Liebermaister

The real meaning of love 

Experiencing authentic love is the foundation of all healing.

However, most people have a distorted view of love, the result of conditioning or learned beliefs at some point in life. As a result, they encounter suffering not because love caused it, but because their understanding of love is incorrect.

Throughout the training we will explore the true meaning of love and how we can find this loving space within ourselves. This can be extremely beneficial not only when working with people, but in any kind of situation that involves relating.

This work is based on the understanding that relationship is not the goal of life, but a lesson to learn about the true meaning of love.


Understanding what it means to work with people.
Inner growth and personal development.
Greater presence, rooting and centering in life and relationships.
Clearer understanding of what love is.
Body-mind healing and spiritual nourishment.
Learn to support transformation in yourself and others.

Deeper connection with the truth.
Finding a meditative presence state.
Communicate with the body and welcome emotional expressions.
Development of inner skills.
Disidentification with the mind in a state of relaxed alertness.
Cultivation of a loving and rooted internal space.

The Zen way of Counseling

On a personal level, we’ll gain insights into life’s issues. On a professional level, we will learn tools that can be applied to a wide range of different sessions, always working with clients seeking to nurture their being and individuality rather than sustaining the dreams, desires and ambitions that are part of their personality.

This approach is unique in that it explicitly teaches “how to be” rather than just “what to do”.

What will be Experienced

The training includes structured and guided meditations, demonstration and practice supervised sessions, exercises and a space for questions.

As it is a social gathering, there will also be time to enjoy all the infrastructure that Osheanic offers and to be with the group.

Furthermore, the training aims to bring spiritual nourishment so that you can connect with your heart and bring fulfillment into your life.

“The whole life … just a training for how to go back home, how to disappear. Because the moment you disappear, God appears in you. Your presence is God’s absence; your absence is God’s presence”.



Svagito Liebermeister

Graduated in psychology from the University of Munich, he has more than 30 years of practical experience as a therapist. He has trained hundreds of professionals around the world in the art of working with people. His training programs seek specialization in Neo Reichian Breathing, Family Constellation, Counselling, Male – Female Energy Work and Trauma Healing (SE – somatic experience). For many years, he coordinated the bimonthly Therapist Training Program at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, one of the largest centers of personal growth in the world. Every year he travels across Europe, Asia and South America, offering courses and training programs in over 15 countries.

Svagito is the author of two books: “The Roots of Love – A Guide to Family Constellation” and “The Zen Way of Counseling – a meditative approach to working with people”, both translated into nine languages.

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