November 25 – 29

with Homa & Mukto



An encounter with our dearest Homa and Mukto, dedicated to deep self-knowledge and openness to love through Tantra.

Tantra offers us a way out of our involuntary and exhausting mental activity, introduces us to the here and now, opens up an ocean of sensations and feelings, teaches us how to meet our beloved in deep acceptance and points us towards an integration that can radically change the quality of life we create for ourselves.

And, yes, Tantra also allows us to reach to a state of intimacy that celebrates sexual energy as part of being alive and, at the same time, enjoys the meeting of the male and female principle in vulnerability and awareness.

With a work that has been enchanting people around the world for 33 years, Homa & Mukto’s workshops are a synthesis of therapy and a direct experience of the present moment.



Tantra for Homa and Mukto is a way of life, it is about integrating many aspects of life into a state of Yes, while sexuality is just one aspect of Tantra.

This will be a residential retreat for couples only. This partner – perhaps your life partner, or someone you know and feel comfortable with – will be your primary reference throughout the retreat.

In addition to practicing all the exercises together, you will also serve as mirrors for each other and walk hand in hand during these 5 days.

“The heart allows us to see, hear and feel this moment and to deeply experience our partner’s presence.”

— Homa & Mukto 

 NOVEMBER 25 – 29

The heart will be our north star during these 5 days. It helps us to stay relaxed and aware, even in those intimate situations that would usually trigger our anxiety and the wish to say or do something. It allows us to see, hear and feel this moment and to deeply experience our partner’s presence.

Intimacy and joy come naturally when we can be in a state of presence. Throughout these days, we’ll explore and strengthen different dimensions of the human experience: our strength and vulnerability, sensitivity and sensuality and, most importantly, the ability to love ourselves and others.

As we create more inner space, limiting conditioning loses its power. In these timeless moments, energy can rise and transport us to a near-mystical space filled with love, contentment, and gratitude for being alive.


Deepen in Intimacy.
Experience the here and now.
Feel and integrate old wounds.
Meet the partner from the heart space.
Reconnect to the natural flow of sexual energy.
Understand compensations and allow vulnerability.
Learn to allow pleasant and also uncomfortable emotions.
Face and overcome our fears of being invaded, controlled, or rejected.
Explore and expand the depth, connection, and pleasure you can give and receive.
Allow the pleasure of the senses and the silence of meditation to extend to one another.
Stay centered on intimate situations, developing confidence in yourself and in your partner.
Connect in the heart and experience the present moment from this loving and sensitive space.



Homa & Mukto

Homa and Mukto are internationally renowned meditation and tantra teachers. For more than 30 years they have facilitated workshops and trainings all over the world and touched the lives of thousands of people from different cultures, economic backgrounds, and ages. 

They are loved and respected for their simplicity and ability to transmit what they teach not only through words, but also through their presence.

After having met the Indian mystic Osho, their paths crossed in the early 80s. A deep and lasting friendship developed that offered enough space for them to grow separately without ever growing apart. To this day, embracing their differences has been the source that keeps their work fresh and alive.

It soon became clear that both possessed a gift and the necessary passion to work with people. Over the years they had the good fortune to be trained by many world class therapists and teachers in a variety of techniques and approaches. 

After years of exploring and facilitating diverse processes on subjects like chakra work, energy reading, past life, esoteric sciences, and the importance of meditation and present moment awareness, Homa and Mukto developed their own work: bringing awareness, truthfulness and love to sexuality and intimacy.

During the last years they have shared their work in more than 20 countries, given trainings in major growth centers, lead events at tantra festivals, appeared on radio and TV, and, most importantly, they have passed on their work to a new generation of facilitators, who are ready to bring more love into this world.

Presently they live in Brazil at Osheanic International, one of the venues of their yearly Tantra Trainings.


The safety of our guests, employees and staff is our highest priority and we have been looking for safe alternatives to open Osheanic in this context of the coronavirus.

Several security measures and protocols are being created to provide a special moment of connection and sharing, following social distance, proper hygiene and security for all.

As a Retreat for couples (or Tantra partners) and with a limited number of participants, we found an aligned and conscious way to reopen Osheanic, after a long period of isolation.

Most of the experiences and exercises will be held outdoors, in a space that will offer privacy for the participants and that is already being prepared especially for this retreat. Some exercises and meditation will take place inside the Buddha Hall, a large hall that allows for distance between couples and cross ventilation.

If you are interested in participating, we will email you a document with all the details for your stay here at Osheanic.

We are all different and each one is advancing in this new world in their own way. We are sure that together we can co-create a safe experience that will allow each participant to relax and surrender.

We count on your commitment and responsibility to follow our protocols and prerequisites that will be sent by email, allowing this meeting to happen in harmony and security!

We wait for you with open doors and hearts!