Tantra Heart

November 12 – 15

with Gayana & Avinash


The Tantra Heart workshop invites you to live a transformative experience of greater intimacy with your body and yourself, releasing mental and emotional tensions and discovering sexuality as part of your Being. Presence, energy, and acceptance: these are the fundamentals that Tantra Heart conveys within the vision of Tantra, the real essence of human development.

Tantra comes from a space where we say YES to ourselves and to the experience, learning to be in tune with our body, energy and the natural flow of life, rather than fighting or resisting what life is bringing.

This workshop is an opportunity to experience yourself with more spontaneity, authenticity, and connection. A new way of being with oneself and power from this “place”, meeting with the other, integrating presence, awareness and vitality. Once there is a possibility of recognizing the sexuality that flows in tune with your body and heart, you can expand this awareness into relationships and the way you live by awakening the feeling of being in life with more passion, confidence, joy, wholeness and relaxation.


Allow yourself to explore a more meditative space and enjoy the present moment through a more relaxed and natural body state. Participants will learn to connect with and strengthen the heart center – the transformative center of the body. When we work with the space of the heart it creates a natural expansion to love and to be loved that allows participants to connect with themselves and others with more spontaneity, fluidity, and depth.


Singles or couples who want to experience Tantra and learn to say ‘yes’ to life through the body – learning to connect and feel the body and its own natural flow of energy.

Utilizing the natural polarity between the female and male energies in order to explore the issues of relating, intimacy and sexuality, specific tools for personal knowledge including active, passive meditation and conscious breathing will be experienced. No nudity is required during the group. Participants will be guided into an atmosphere of awareness, authenticity, and love, and will be encouraged to openly share, if they feel comfortable, about their experiences.


“I was delighted with the lightness, grace, and tranquility which the work was guided, and from then on I became more and more interested in learning more about it. All the exercises, breaths, meditations brought me more and more inward for more presence and connection. It is a beautiful and liberating work conducted with great skill and love for both. ”
— Nalini.

“I learned that we are a wonderful flow of divine energy, intertwined and embraced in others, watching the little miraculous details with love and patience. I learned that we can rediscover sister souls of meekness, tremendous lovingness, sharing the best they are, to blend in the beauty, contemplation, freedom, and truth of sublime love, intensely in the art of smiling and living. Gratitude for teaching me love, love so sweet, alkaline, light and so deep in my being and my soul of light and poetry. ”
— Paulo Mendonça


Gayana & Avinash

Meditation is the joy and meaning of Avinash and Gayana’s life. They believe this is the foundation for inner growth and for a healthy and fulfilling life in the modern world. They met at Osheanic International, where they live to the present day and coordinate and share their learning and merits.

The passion of this couple who are also parents of little Arun, is about the magic and mystery that life is, and to live a life full of love, creativity, growth, and inner silence.

For 10 years they have been giving retreats individual sessions around Brazil and Europe, sharing their personal journey as seekers, meditators and therapists mainly in the fields of Meditation, Tantra, Energy, Love, Intimacy, and Relationships. In their work, they combine different approaches to western therapy with different methods of eastern meditation.

In addition to the large baggage as seekers, they were trained by renowned therapists, including:
Tantra with Homa & Mukto
Osho Prana Healing with Upadhi Maggi
Zen Counseling with Svagito
Learning Love with Krishnananda and Amana.