Tantra Retreat

February 10 – 13

with Gayana & Avinash



An invitation to experience Tantra in its simplicity and essence. An opening to the mystery of the body, to the potential of vital energy, to the power of transformation that the heart offers us and the sustaining strength of vulnerability. If you are looking to get to know yourself better and open up to new ways of connecting and relating, this retreat is for you.

Gayana and Avinash have been on the path of Tantra since 2010 and believe that it is possible to live in a tantric way, free to move more consciously in individual spontaneity and at the same time allowing deeper and truer connections in relationships and with life. They bring the depth of their own experience and practice with the teachings that were rooted in the teaching method they created over the years, which consists of the following fundamental pillars: loving consciousness – the heart, presence and energy.

An oriental tradition that in its naturalness opens up a vast array of possibilities for a more fulfilling life, even with the challenges of the modern world. An approach that is not just focused on sex, the physical body and techniques, but on the transformative experience of Tantra that happens when the potential for life that exists within us is revealed and experienced.


Once we learn to relax more into ourselves, inhabiting the body and following the natural flow of energy, we dive deeply into the sacred presence of the here and now.

Come and enjoy this retreat in the paradise of Ceará, Osheanic, in this meeting of minds and hearts open to an expansion of your own energy! A subtle potential that invites us to find the home of vulnerability and freedom, enjoying the gift of being ALIVE!


This Retreat is open to anyone who wants to dive into the path of Tantra, meditation and awareness. We welcome couples and individuals. Each individual learns to relate to themselves and share with others. Partners delve into a deeper understanding of themselves and bring more awareness to the encounter and possibilities for sustaining the connection.


Want to learn new connection ports.
Want to learn and deepen in meditations.
Seek a life more integrated with their own essence.
Are starting on the path of Tantra and are curious about self-knowledge.
Want to go beyond ideas and taboos about their own bodies and sexuality.
Already have experience and wish to be nourished in a Tantric field within Gayana and Avinash’s approach.
Want a break from mental and digital activity and to be immersed in nature, dedicating time to meeting people.
Wish to delve deeper into the universe of sensations and feelings, based on a path of greater presence and inner perception.


“While the mind seeks to define everything, the body and heart are open to meanings that are not conceptual, but felt. They don’t judge, they don’t criticize, they don’t project, they simply are. Gratitude to Gayana and Avinash for providing so much depth in this wisdom transmitted within the chest and in every part of this temple called the body.”
— Yako – Teacher, Yogi, Journalist and Writer.

“Meeting Gayana and Avinash was something absolutely breathtaking in my life. Whenever I look for inspiration to deal with life’s challenges, thinking about both of them and how they would act in the face of what I’m experiencing reassures, calms and sustains me. They are also very important in my life as references for couples and parents. Perhaps this sums it up: Gayana and Avinash walk the talk. In all its fullness!”
— Flávia Melissa – Psychologist, Writer and Emotional Educator.

“Although it seems simple, it made a huge difference in the way I experience not only day-to-day life but also everyday issues within my relationships, and in particular, marital life. Huge gratitude to Gayana and Avinash for conducting such a delicate process in such a respectful, ethical and responsible manner.”
— Nana Ferreira – Psychologist.


During 4 days of immersion, you will experience the integration of the space of the heart in your body, providing a new inner perception of yourself and in the encounter with others and the release of bodily, emotional and energetic tensions. The Retreat is conducted moment by moment, through the facilitators’ perception of the participants, based on some tools that make up this experience:

Conscious touch. Group sharing. Aqua Flow Tantra. Active meditations and dancing. Sensory exercises – Expansion of feeling. Breathing Exercises for energy circulation. Tantric Meditations including meditations from Vigyan Barav Tantra. The Heart of Tantra – Acceptance in the present moment, love and space. Moments of connection with nature, group trips to the beach, bonfires and celebration.

*Participation in this retreat includes attendance in the entire program.



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Para dúvidas e inscrições, entre em contato conosco pelo formulário abaixo.
Todos os valores são por pessoa e incluem acomodação com alimentação vegetariana completa e todas as atividades do Retiro.
O pagamento da reserva é antecipado e pode ser feito via transferência com 10% de desconto ou parcelado no cartão de crédito em até 6x.


Gayana & Avinash

Gayana and Avinash have a unique approach based on their experience as a couple, parents and work partners motivated to live the spirituality, simplicity and complexity of everyday life.

Therapists and group facilitators since 2009, they work in Brazil, Europe and Asia, in person and with online courses and services. They have been collaborators at Osheanic International since 2011, residents for 10 years, and have coordinated many projects and programs as therapists and group leaders. In addition to being part of the Existential Tantra approach with Homa and Mukto.

Over the years, they developed their own work and teaching method, transmitting simplicity and presence anchored in the space of the heart.

In addition to the wealth of personal experiences and those of other communities around the world, they have professional specializations in: Relationship Dynamics and Zen Counseling, Emotional Development, Somatic Experiencing – an approach focused on trauma and shock, Metaphysics, Energy work – Chakras and Aura System, Heart Work from the Osho Mystery School, Conscious breathing, Body therapy and Meditation.

They also facilitate other courses and training. Gayana is specialized in Energy Work and Metaphysics and is an international teacher of the OPH Energy Path – Prana Healing, while Avinash is a therapist of the international Path of Love process.