About Osheanic

Living a life we love

Our Story

In 2008, inspired by Osho, a group of friends founded Osheanic as a place to live, learn and meditate together. Over the years it has attracted an increasing number of workshop leaders and individuals in search of a better life. Today Osheanic is a well known personal growth center and venue for retreats and events. It offers a loving and honest ambience, plenty of space and silence and three daily meditations.



When we are present in the
moment we feel fully alive. We
have a direct experience of
ourselves and the beauty and love that surrounds us.


Life repeats itself mindlessly
unless you become aware. The
beauty of awareness is that it
enhances that which is real and
destroys that which is false.



No relationship can truly grow if you go on holding back. If you remain clever and go on protecting yourself only personalities meet – the centers remain alone.


Whatever you do joyfully and
lovingly adds beauty to the world. It is an energy nourished by caring for our environment and each other.


Lovingness is not directed at
anything or anybody. It is a light that only shines in you when you get out of your head and into your heart.


Say what you think, do what you say. Let your values be reflected in your actions.

Our method

Osheanic is not only a physical space, but also a field of energy. It touches the hearts of people, creates a wish to look inside and question old beliefs and behaviors. Being amongst people that strive for awareness, love and authenticity is in itself transformational. Osheanic uses three methods – all inspired by Osho – that allow you to go even deeper into your personal process: three daily meditations, a variety of therapeutic workshops and trainings, and opportunities to get involved in the community and learn through interaction.

Osheanic offers 3 daily meditations designed to illuminate your inner world, feel at peace with yourself and allow your energy to flow freely.

Explore ourselves together with a group of people from different backgrounds is challenging and at the same time an opportunity for self-awareness, energetic expansion, empathy and love.

Groups, trainings and individual sessions shine extra light on difficult life issues.