New Year's Retreat
An unforgettable experience of rest, self-knowledge and relaxation in an environment where you can connect with yourself and each other, with an open heart.
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Osheanic Festival
An international gathering to celebrate consciousness! Open your heart and be transformed at the Osheanic Festival 2022!
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Tantra Heart
This retreat invites you to live a transformative experience of greater intimacy with your body and yourself, releasing mental and emotional tensions and discovering sexuality as part of your Being.
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Tantra Training
With a work that has been enchanting people around the world for 33 years, Homa & Mukto’s workshops are a synthesis of therapy and a direct experience of the present moment.
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Tantranz Training
Invite, recognize and allow the expansion of energy. Learn the art of touching and receiving touch with awareness, awakening ecstasy and the natural healing potential of the body.
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